Awgrym - Maths in Strange Places...

Awgrym ['aʊgrɪm] is the Cornish word for Maths, so I figured the name was appropriate considering the flag is just a huge addition symbol (see figure 1 below).

The Cornish Flag
Figure 1: The Cornish flag.

The creation of this blog was inspired quite heavily by distill and their philosophy of 'distilling' information so that it's more accessible by making simplifications where possible. Making knowledge available to everyone is something I feel very strongly about, and I believe it's best achieved by using all of the technological advances at hand! The blogs are supplimented by my novice-like use of Gnu-plot, which will hopefully improve over time, and a fair few of the posts are likely to be mild ramblings and discussions of mathematical things which I find mildly interesting!

Recent Posts:

Group An Introduction to Group Theory What is a group? Why are they useful? This post describes groups and explains why they're useful not just for answering group-theoretic, but for gaining a fundamentally important perspective on mathematics. Groups are often thought of as the first abstract concept learnt by undergraduate mathematicians, I'll seek to give a familiar understanding of groups in my first ever blog post. Hope you enjoy it!